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Downloading Instructions

The UPDV is available in a number of different formats depending on your requirements. Please note that the book order has changed to place the New Testament before the Old Testament, and the Book of John before Matthew in the PDF, Word, and iSilo formats.

Please select from one or more of the following formats:

PDF fileAlmost allCompatibility, PrintingDownloadMore info
e-SwordWindowsSearching, StudyingDownloadMore Info
iSilo pdb fileiPhone, Palm, Pocket PCPortable DevicesDownloadMore Info
Word DocumentWindows, MacPrinting, PublishingDownloadMore Info
Logos PBBWindows, MacSearching, StudyingDownload
MP3 FilesAlmost AllAudio, MobilityDownloadMore Info

Current Release: 2.16 (Feb. 24, 2012)
(MP3 and Video Files are from previous versions)
Version Release Notes | Download Previous Releases

Format #1: PDF File
This format works on nearly all computers. It uses the Adobe Acrobat PDF format. A free version of their reader software is available. You will need this software before being able to read the UPDV in PDF format.

Step 1: Click Here or the Button Below To Download the Free PDF Reader Software if you don't have it already.
Click Here to Get the Free Adobe Acrobat Reader Software

Step 2: Right-Click Here, and select Save Target As (or Save Link As), to save the UPDV PDF file to your computer.

Step 3: Open the PDF File you just saved in step #2.

Format #2: e-Sword Bible Module (Requires E-Sword Version 9 Or Higher)
This is a recommended method for easier access to search, retrieve, find cross references, and store notes in the Bible. The e-Sword Bible Program is available free of charge. There are also a variety of other resources available to use with it. The UPDV module integrates into it as a separate Bible version. Currently, the footnotes and appendix are not available in the e-Sword format. In addition, the module is only available for Microsoft Windows based computers. Technical note: When searching the entire Bible, in order to include Sirach, you need to select Sirach as the last book instead of Revelation. Please note the format of this Bible download only works with E-Sword Version 9 or above.

Step 1: Click Here or the button below if you don't have the free e-Sword Bible Program yet. You will need it before going to the next step. Be sure the program is installed and working. Then exit from it.

Step 2: Right-Click Here, and select Save Target As (or Save Link As), to save the UPDV e-Sword Bible module to your computer.

Step 3: Open the file named updves.exe you just saved in step #2. The installer program will start. Follow the instructions contained in it.

Step 4: After completing the UPDV module installation, just open the e-Sword program. The UPDV should display as a Bible. If the e-Sword program was open during the installation, be sure to close it, and then re-open it.

Step 5 (optional): e-Sword also has a separate program that is a screen saver. With this you can setup a verse list in e-Sword and have your screen saver display these in your favorite translation.
Click Here to Download the Bible Screen Saver from e-Sword (near bottom of page in window that opens)

Step 6: For additional help with the e-Sword Bible, please consult the help within the program, or visit their website.
You can also download many other free e-Sword modules by clicking here.

Format #3: iSilo pdb File
This file can be used in the iSilo Commericial Reader program on an iPhone, Palm, or Pocket PC device. The capabilites are somewhat limited. This version is better than the Microsoft Reader version for accessing specific chapters. The table of contents is linked to each chapter of each book. Plural indicators are also included. However, the appendix and footnotes are not included. Just copy the file below to your device's iSilo folder.

Procedure For iPhone Users: iPhone users should install and then open the iSilo App. Then go to the document list. Click the three dots ... Then select Download. Then enter the following url into the download url at the top of that screen:

Procedure for Palm and PocketPC users: Click Here To Download the Trial Version of the iSilo Software if you don't have it already.

Right-Click Here, and select Save Target As (or Save Link As), to save the UPDV iSilo file to your computer.

Copy the file you just saved to your portable device's iSilo folder.

Format #4: Microsoft Word Document
This file can be opened in Microsoft Word, a commercial product. This option is best for those who are interested in re-formatting, printing, or re-distributing the UPDV Bible. This format also contains the complete footnotes, table of contents, appendix, and formatting. This document also contains a macro which allows you to press the Control key and the F12 key at the same time to go directly to a Scripture. After pressing and releasing Control-F12, just type in the verse reference (for example, John 3:16) and press the enter key. To use this feature, you will need to accept this macro at the prompt when you open the document. To prevent it from asking you about this each time you open the document, you can accept the certificate from Updated Publishers.

Step 1: Click Here for the free Word Viewer from Microsoft if you don't have Word on your system (Windows Version only). Click Here if you want more information about the Microsoft Word Program.

Step 2: Click Here to Download the Microsoft Word Document in a compressed zip file.

Step 3: Open the file named you just saved in step #2. It is saved in a compressed format to save downloading time.

Step 4: Open the file updv.doc. It should open in Microsoft Word.

Format #5: MP3 Files
These are computer synthesized readings of the Bible by chapter. Although the voice quality is not as good as human, it may be adequate for some purposes. The MP3 files can be downloaded to portable players, burned to cd/dvd, or copied to other storage media. You will need an MP3 player of some type to play these files. Most computers already have this software. These can be downloaded, or played online with a streaming text display to follow along with the audio.

Click Here to download the MP3 files.

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