Sirach, Chapter 1

1:1 All wisdom is from Yahweh, And is with him for eternity.
1:2 The sand of the seas, and the drops of rain, And the days of eternity: who will number [them]?
1:3 The height of heaven, and the width of the earth, And the depth of the deep: who will search [them]?
1:4 Before all things, wisdom was allotted, And understanding of intelligence from eternity.
1:6 The root of wisdom, to whom was it revealed? And her secrets, who knew [them]?
1:8 There is one, he alone is to be feared, Yahweh, he rules over her treasuries;
1:9 He allotted her and numbered her, And poured her out on all his works,
1:10 Among all flesh according to his gift, And he supplied her to those who fear him.
1:11 The fear of the Lord is glory and exultation, And gladness and a crown of joy.
1:12 The fear of the Lord delights the heart. And gives gladness, and joy, and length of days.
1:13 For him who fears the Lord it will be well at the last. And in the day of his death he will find grace.
1:14 The beginning of wisdom is the fear of Yahweh, And with the faithful, she was interwoven in the womb;
1:15 Among men she constructed an eternal foundation, And among their seed, she will be trusted in.
1:16 The abundance of wisdom is the fear of Yahweh, And she soaks them with her nectar.
1:17 Their whole house she fills with delicacies, And their storehouses with her produce.
1:18 The crown of wisdom is the fear of Yahweh, Blossoming with peace and improving health.
1:19 She is a strong staff and a glorious stay; And lifted up the glory of those who held her.
1:20 The root of wisdom is to fear Yahweh, And her branches are length of days.
1:22 Unrighteous wrath cannot be justified, For the wrath of his anger will [occasion] his fall.
1:23 The longsuffering man endures until the [proper] time, And in the end joy will arise for him;
1:24 He hides his words until the [proper] time, And the lips of the faithful will declare his understanding.
1:25 In the treasures of wisdom there is a wise proverb, But godliness is an abomination to the sinner.
1:26 If you desire wisdom, keep the commandments. And the Lord will grant her freely to you.
1:27 For the fear of the Lord is wisdom and instruction, And faith and meekness are his good pleasure.
1:28 Do not disobey the fear of the Lord, And do not come near thereto with a double heart.
1:29 Do not be a hypocrite in the sight of men. And take heed to [the utterances of] your lips.
1:30 Do not exalt yourself lest you fall And bring upon your soul disgrace. And the Lord reveal your hidden [thoughts], And cast you down in the midst of the assembly, Because you did not come to the fear of the Lord, And your heart was full of deceit.

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