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UPDV Updated Bible Version

This is a Free Bible - Current Version 2.17 - May 31, 2018

Read, search, listen, download, copy, print, publish, or give it away. You can also purchase a printed copy. However, it is not to be modified. See copyright in help menu for details.


Understand the Bible Better Than Ever


To provide a modern version that retains accuracy. To update archaic words and grammar. To use new materials, such as manuscripts, to improve accuracy.

Plurals Indicated

Plus signs are used next to words such as you+ and your+ when they refer to a group of two or more. This is done to improve accuracy.

John 1:1 Unlocked

This Bible translates what is traditionally 'the Word' in John 1:1 as 'the Speech'. It is then matched and underlined where it was likely used elsewhere in the Bible (more info).


Gender has generally been translated literally. Words such as man, woman, son, daughter, he, she, him, and her are generally left in the same gender as they were in the original texts.

Book Arrangement

The sequence of the books places the New Testament before the Old Testament; and the book of John before Matthew (more info).

The Name of God

The name "Yahweh" (a personal name for God) and "Yah" (a contracted form of Yahweh) are used instead of what is rendered in many versions as "LORD". 


First Maccabees

First Maccabees is included.

Wisdom of Sirach

The Wisdom of Sirach is included.


The Book of Acts is no longer included.


The Book of John ends at 19:35.


Luke 1 & 2 and the end were omitted or reconstructed.


The Book of Matthew was reconstructed.