Sirach, Chapter 10

10:1 A judge of a people is one who instructs his people; And the dominion of one who gives understanding will be well ordered.
10:2 A king who goes wild will cause the destruction of a city; And a city will be inhabited by the understanding of its princes.
10:3 As a judge of a people, so are his ambassadors; And as a head of a city, so are its inhabitants.
10:4 In the hand of God is the dominion of all of [noble] man; And in the presence of the lawgiver, he will put his grandeur.
10:5 In the hand of God is the dominion of the world; And a man at the time will stand on it.
10:6 Do not perform evil against a fellow man for all transgression; And do not walk in the way of pride.
10:7 Pride is an enemy to the Lord and to men; And to both of them, oppression is a trespass.
10:8 A kingdom will turn away from nation to nation Because of the violence of pride.
10:9 What is dust and ashes proud about That so long as it lives its nation will be lifted up?
10:10 "A whisper of sickness," complains the one who heals. "A king today - tomorrow will fall."
10:11 In death man will inherit: The maggot and worm, lice and creeping things.
10:12 The beginning of man's pride is [when] he becomes hardened; And of his own heart, he will turn away from what he has done.
10:13 For the reservoir of pride is sin; And the [reservoir's] fountain gushes out wickedness. Therefore God will make his plagues wonderful; And strike him until he is consumed.
10:14 The throne of the proud, God has overthrown; And he seated the poor in their place.
10:16 The footsteps of the nations, God has closed up; And he uprooted them from the bottom layer of earth.
10:17 And he has scraped them from the earth, and plucked them up; And the memory of them ceased from the earth.
10:18 Pride is not seemly for a common man; Nor strong anger for him who is born of a woman.
10:19 What seed is honored of the seed of a common man? The seed is dishonored of him who transgresses the commandments.
10:20 The head among brothers is honored; But he who fears God [is honored] in the eye [of God].
10:22 Sojourner and stranger, foreigner and poor; Their glory is the fear of Yahweh.
10:23 Do not despise the needy who deals wisely; And do not honor any violent man.
10:24 A prince, a ruler, and a judge are honored; But none is greater than one who fears God.
10:25 A slave who deals wisely is lifted up; And a slave who is corrected should not complain.
10:26 Do not become wise to serve your pleasure; And do not honor yourself in the time of your need.
10:27 Better is he who serves and has abundant wealth; Than he who honors himself and lacks a gift.
10:28 My son, in meekness honor your soul; And discretion will be given to you in a similar manner.
10:29 One who causes the condemnation of his own soul, who will justify him? And who will honor one who causes the dishonor of his own soul?
10:30 There is the needy who is honored because of his understanding; And there is he who is honored because of his riches.
10:31 He who honors himself in his poverty; In his riches will honor himself more. And he who is dishonored in his riches; In his poverty will be dishonored more.

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