Sirach, Chapter 14

14:1 Blessed is the common man whose mouth has not grieved him; And whose heart would not bring judgment on him.
14:2 Blessed is the man whose soul has not reduced him; And whose hope has not ceased.
14:3 To the small of heart, riches are not seemly; And to the man who has an evil eye, gold is not seemly.
14:4 He who withholds from his soul will gather for another; And a stranger will squander his good things.
14:5 He who is evil to his soul, to whom will he do good? And he will not meet with his good things.
14:6 He who is evil to his soul, none is more evil; And with him is the reward for his evil.
14:9 In the eye of him who stumbles, his portion is little; And he who takes the portion of his fellow man, wastes his own portion.
14:10 The eye of him with an evil eye pounces on his bread; And there is turmoil at his table.
14:11 My son, do good to yourself if you have the means; And prosper according to the power of your hand.
14:12 Remember that death does not tarry; And the statute to Sheol has been told to you.
14:13 Before you die, do good to a friend; And give to him according to your means.
14:14 Do not withhold from the good things of a day; And in what was acquired, do not pass by.
14:15 Will you not forsake your strength to another? And your labor to those who cast lots?
14:16 Give and take, and enjoy your soul; For there is no seeking of delight in Sheol.
14:17 All flesh becomes old like a garment; And the everlasting statute is, You will surely die.
14:18 As a budding leaf on a green tree, Where one withers and another springs up; So are the generations of flesh and blood, One dies and one is weaned.
14:19 All his works will surely rot; And the work of his hands will draw after him.
14:20 Blessed is the common man who studies in wisdom; And who looks into understanding.
14:21 Who puts her ways on his heart; And who considers her understandings.
14:22 Going out after her in search; And lurking at all her entrances.
14:23 Who looks forth through the window; And is attentive at her doors.
14:24 Who encamps round about her house; And then brings his tent pegs into her wall.
14:25 And stretches out his tent next to her; And then stays a good neighbor.
14:26 And puts his nest in her foliage; And resides in her branches.
14:27 And takes refuge in her shadow from the heat; And stays in her dwelling-places.

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