Sirach, Chapter 19

19:1 He who does these things will not become rich, And he who despises small things will become altogether naked.
19:2 Wine and women cause the heart to be lustful,
19:3 And a brazen soul will destroy its owner.
19:4 He who trusts others too quickly is unwise, And he who errs sins against his own soul.
19:5 He who has pleasure in evil will be condemned,
19:6 But he who hates talk has the less malice.
19:7 Never repeat a word, Then no one will reproach you;
19:8 Do not speak of it to friend or foe; And, unless it be a sin to you, do not reveal it,
19:9 Lest he who hear it hate you, And regard you as an evildoer.
19:10 Have you heard anything? Let it die with you; Be of good courage it will not burst you.
19:11 A fool travails because of a word, Even as a woman travails because of a child.
19:12 [As] an arrow stuck in the fleshy thigh, So is a word in the belly of a fool.
19:13 Reprove a friend, that he do no evil, And if he has done anything, that he does not do it again.
19:14 Reprove a friend, it may be he did not say it, And if he has said it, that he does not do it again.
19:15 Reprove a friend, yet often there is slander, And do not believe every word.
19:16 One man slips, though not from the soul, And who has not sinned with his tongue.
19:17 Reprove your neighbor, before you threaten, And give place to the law of the Most High.
19:20 All wisdom is the fear of the Lord, And in all wisdom [there is] the fulfilling of the law.
19:22 But the knowledge of wickedness is not wisdom, And the counsel of sinners is not understanding.
19:23 There is a form of wisdom which is abomination, And there is a fool who lacks wisdom.
19:24 Better is one who has inferior understanding, and fears, Than one who is very smart but transgresses the law.
19:25 There is a subtle [form of] craftiness which is unrighteous, And there is one who deceives people with kindness to gain a judgement.
19:26 There is one who walks humbly and mournfully, But inwardly he is full of deceit.
19:27 [There is one] with a downcast look, pretending to be deaf, But when unobserved he will get the better of you;
19:28 And if, for lack of power, he is hindered from sinning, He will do evil when he finds opportunity.
19:29 A man is known by his appearance, And a wise man is known by his face.
19:30 A man's attire proclaims his deeds, And his footsteps show what he is.

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