Sirach, Chapter 24

24:1 Wisdom praises her own soul, And is honored in the midst of her people.
24:2 She opens her mouth in the assembly of the Most High, And is honored in the presence of his hosts.
24:3 "I came forth from the mouth of the Most High, And as a mist I covered the earth.
24:4 In the high places I fixed my abode, And my throne was in the pillar of cloud.
24:5 Alone I compassed the circuit of heaven, And in the depth of the abyss I walked.
24:6 In the waves of the sea, and in all the earth, And in every people and nation I gained a possession.
24:7 With all these I sought a resting place, And [said], In whose inheritance shall I lodge?
24:8 Then the Creator of all things gave me a commandment, And he who created me fixed my dwelling place, And he said, In Jacob let your dwelling place be, And in Israel take up your inheritance.
24:9 He created me from the beginning, before the world; And I will never fail.
24:10 In the holy tabernacle I ministered before him, Moreover, in Zion I was established.
24:11 Likewise in the beloved city he caused me to rest, And in Jerusalem was my authority.
24:12 And I took root among an honored people, In the portion of the Lord, and of his inheritance.
24:13 I was exalted like a cedar in Libanus, And like a cypress on the mountains of Hermon.
24:14 I was exalted like a palm tree on the seashore, And as rose plants in Jericho; And as a fair olive tree in the plain; Yes, I was exalted as a sycamore tree by the waters.
24:15 As cassia and camel's thorn I have given a scent of perfumes, And as choice myrrh I spread abroad a pleasant odor; As galbanum, and onyx, and stacte; [I was] as the smoke of incense in the Tabernacle.
24:16 I, as a terebinth, spread forth my branches, And my branches were branches of glory and grace.
24:17 As a vine I put forth grace, And my flowers are the fruit of glory and wealth.
24:19 Come to me, you+ who desire me, And be+ filled with my produce.
24:20 For my memorial is sweeter than honey, And the possession of me than honeycomb.
24:21 Those who eat me still hunger [for me], And those who drink me still thirst [for me].
24:22 He who obeys me will not be ashamed, And those who serve me will not commit sin."
24:23 All these things are the book of the covenant of God Most High, The law which Moses commanded [as] a heritage for the assemblies of Jacob.
24:25 Which fills [men] with wisdom, like Pison, And like Tigris in the days of new [fruits];
24:26 Which overflows, like Euphrates, with understanding, And as Jordan in the days of harvest;
24:27 Which pours forth, as the Nile, instruction, And as Gihon in the days of vintage.
24:28 The first [man] did not know her perfectly, So also the last will not trace her out;
24:29 For her understanding is more abundant than the sea, And her counsel is greater than the deep.
24:30 And as for me, I [was] as a stream from the river, And I came forth as a conduit into a garden;
24:31 I said, "I will water my garden, I will abundantly water my garden beds"; And look, my stream became a river, And my river became a sea.
24:32 Yet again I will bring instruction to light as the morning, And will make these things shine forth afar off.
24:33 Yet again I will pour forth doctrine as prophecy, And leave it for eternal generations.
24:34 Look+ [and see], that I have not labored for myself only, But for all those who diligently seek her.

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