Sirach, Chapter 3

3:1 My sons, listen to your+ father, And do as he says, that you+ may live.
3:2 For Yahweh glorified the father over the sons, And he firmly set the mother's judgment over them.
3:3 He who honors [his] father makes atonement for sins,
3:4 And he who gives glory to his mother is as one who lays up treasure.
3:5 He who honors [his] father will rejoice under [his] sons, And in the day of his prayer he will be listened to.
3:6 He who glorifies [his] father will have length of days, And he who listens to God honors his mother.
3:8 My son, in word and in deed honor your father, So that all blessings may overtake you.
3:9 A father's blessing lays the foundation for the root, But a mother's curse plucks up the plant.
3:10 Do not honor yourself by your father's shame, For that is no honor to you.
3:11 A man's glory is the glory of his father, But he who curses his mother increases sin.
3:12 My son, strengthen yourself in the honor of your father, And do not forsake him all the days of your life;
3:13 And even though his mind fails, leave him alone, And do not shame him all the days of his life.
3:14 A father's righteousness will not be wiped away, And sin will be the recompense for breaking it down.
3:15 In the day of distress it will be remembered to you, As heat on frost, to cause your iniquities to cease.
3:16 For he who despises his father acts proudly, And he who curses his mother provokes his Creator.
3:17 My son, in your riches walk in meekness, And you will be loved more than he who gives gifts.
3:18 Make your soul smaller than all the great [souls] of old, And before God you will find mercy.
3:20 For many are the mercies of God, And to the meek he reveals his secret.
3:21 Do not seek out things which are too wonderful for you, And do not search for that which is hidden from you.
3:22 Think about what you are permitted, And do not occupy yourself in hidden things.
3:23 And do not get into what is beyond you, For more than you can handle has already been shown to you.
3:24 For many are the thoughts of the sons of man, And evil imaginations cause [them] to go astray.
3:26 A hardened heart grows bad at its end, But he who loves good things is guided in them.
3:27 A hardened heart increases sorrows, And he who is profane adds iniquity to iniquity.
3:28 The wound of a scoffer, there are no healings for it, For his plant is of an evil plant.
3:29 A wise heart understands proverbs of the wise, And an ear that listens to wisdom rejoices.
3:30 A burning fire is quenched by water, Likewise righteousness atones for sin.
3:31 He who does good, it will meet him in his ways, And when he is moved he will find support.

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