Sirach, Chapter 31

31:1 Watching over wealth is a weariness to the flesh, And the worry of it disturbs sleep.
31:2 The worry of [getting] sustenance disturbs slumber, And drives away sleep more than severe sickness.
31:3 The rich man labors in gathering wealth, And if he rests it is to gather luxuries,
31:4 The poor man toils to the lessening of his house, And if he rests he becomes needy.
31:5 He who runs after gold will not be guiltless, And he who loves gain will go astray by it.
31:6 There are many who have been entangled through gold, And those who put their trust in pearls [have been ensnared].
31:7 It is a stumbling-block for the foolish, And the simpleton is ensnared by it.
31:8 Blessed is the man who is found perfect, Who has not gone astray after mammon.
31:9 Who is he, that we may call him blessed? For he has done a wonderful thing among his people.
31:10 Who has been tested by it, and has remained unharmed? Let it be [accounted] to him for honor. Who might have fallen away, and did not fall away, And might have inflicted harm on his neighbor, but would not?
31:11 Therefore his prosperity will abide, And the assembly will declare his praise.
31:12 My son, if you sit at a great man's table, Do not be greedy upon it. Do not say: "There is plenty here!"
31:13 Remember that an evil eye is an evil thing; God has created nothing more evil than the [evil] eye, Therefore it weeps because of all things;
31:14 Honor your neighbor as yourself, And think over whatever may be distasteful to you.
31:15 Do not stretch out your hand at that which he looks at, And do not reach your hand with his into the dish;
31:16 Eat like a man what is set before you, And do not eat greedily lest you be despised.
31:17 Cease first for the sake of manners, And do not gobble lest you cause disgust.
31:18 And when you sit among many, Do not stretch out your hand before your neighbor.
31:19 Of a truth, a little suffices for a sensible man, Then on his bed he does not groan.
31:20 Pain and sleeplessness, distress and want of breath, And griping, are the lot of a foolish man; There is healthy sleep for moderate eating; He rises in the morning and his soul is with him.
31:21 But if you are oppressed with [eating] dainties, Arise and vomit, so will you have ease.
31:22 Hearken, my son, and do not despise me, And in the end you will understand my words, In all your acts be moderate, And then no harm will touch you.
31:23 He who is seemly sitting at meat will receive honor, The testimony of his good behavior stands secure.
31:24 He who misbehaves sitting at meat will be talked of in the gate, And the testimony of his evil stands secure.
31:25 Moreover, when at wine, exercise restraint, For wine has destroyed many.
31:26 Like a furnace which tries the work of the blacksmith, So is wine in the quarrelling of scorners.
31:27 Like living water is wine to man, If he drinks it in moderation. What life has a man who lacks new wine? It was created from the beginning for gladness.
31:28 Joy of heart, gladness and delight, Is wine drunk at the [right] time and in sufficiency.
31:29 Headache, derision, and shame, Is wine drunk in strife and anger.
31:30 Much wine is a snare to the fool, It diminishes strength and increases wounds.
31:31 At a banquet of wine do not rebuke a friend, And do not grieve him in his merriment. Do not speak to him a reproachful word, And do not quarrel with him before others.

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