Sirach, Chapter 32

32:1 Have they made you ruler [of the feast], Do not be lifted up, Be to them as one of themselves; Consider them [first], and then take your seat;
32:2 Prepare for their wants [first], and then recline, That you may rejoice on their account, And enjoy honor for organizing it.
32:3 Speak, O elder, for this is your part, Yet with discerning discretion, and do not hinder the singing;
32:4 When the music begins do not pour forth talk, And do not display your wisdom when it is not wanted.
32:5 As a ruby signet in a work of gold, So is good music at a banquet of wine.
32:6 A setting of gold with an emerald signet Is the melody of music at pleasant wine-drinking.
32:7 Speak, young man, if you are constrained [to do so], If asked twice or even thrice;
32:8 Sum up your speech, say much in little, Be as one who knows and can keep silent.
32:9 Among elders do not assert yourself, And among the noble do not be perpetually talking.
32:10 Before hail speeds the lightning, And before the modest speeds favor.
32:11 At the time of departure do not be the last, Depart home and be done with your pleasure.
32:12 But if anything comes into your heart, speak, In the fear of God, and not in senselessness.
32:13 For all these things bless your Maker, Who satisfies you with his goodness.
32:14 He who seeks God receives discipline, And he who seeks him early obtains favor.
32:15 He who seeks the law will gain it, But the hypocrite will be ensnared by it.
32:16 He who fears the Lord discerns judgement, And causes guiding lights to go forth from darkness;
32:17 The violent man shuns reproofs, And wrests the law to suit his need.
32:18 A man of counsel does not hide his understanding, But the proud and scornful man will not accept the law.
32:19 Do nothing without counsel, That you do not repent your act.
32:20 Do not walk in a path set with snares, That you do not stumble twice at an obstacle.
32:21 Do not be confident on a journey regarding robbers,
32:22 And in your paths be wary.
32:23 In whatsoever you do take heed to your soul, For he who does this keeps the commandment.
32:24 He who keeps the law guards himself, And he who trusts in the Lord will not be ashamed.

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