Sirach, Chapter 33

33:1 No evil befalls him who fears the Lord, But in temptation he will deliver him.
33:2 He is not wise who hates the law, And is tossed about like a ship in a storm.
33:3 A man of understanding discerns the word, And the law is faithful as the inquiry of Urim.
33:4 Prepare your speech, and so let yourself be heard, Bind up instruction, and [then] make your answer.
33:5 [Like] a cart wheel is the heart of a fool, And as a turning axle his [way of] thought.
33:6 Like a saddled horse is the love of a fool, He neighs under everyone who sits upon him.
33:7 Why is one day distinguished from another, When the light of every day in the year is from the sun?
33:8 By the knowledge of the Lord they were distinguished, And he varied seasons and feasts.
33:9 Some of them he exalted and hallowed, And some of them he made ordinary days.
33:10 And all men are from the ground, And Adam was created of earth.
33:11 In the abundance of his knowledge the Lord distinguished them, And made their ways various.
33:12 Some of them he blessed and exalted, And some of them he sanctified and brought near to himself; Some of them he cursed and humbled, And overthrew them from their place.
33:13 As the clay of the potter in his hand, All his ways are according to his good pleasure; So men are in the hand of him who made them, To render to them according to his judgement.
33:14 Opposite evil [is] good, and opposite death [is] life; Likewise opposite the godly [is] the sinner.
33:15 Even thus look upon all the works of the Most High, They are in pairs, one opposite the other.
33:16 And I came at the last, As one who gleans after the grape-gatherers. By the blessing of the Lord I made progress, And, as a grape-gatherer, filled my winepress.
33:17 Consider that I did not labor for myself alone, But for all those who seek instruction.
33:18 Hearken to me, you+ great ones of the people, And you+ rulers of the congregation, give ear to me.
33:19 To son or wife, to brother or friend, Do not give power over you while you live; And do not give your goods to another, Lest you repent, and ask for them [back].
33:20 While you yet live, and breath is in you, Do not give yourself to any.
33:21 For it is better that your children ask of you, Than you should look to the hand of your sons.
33:22 In all your works keep the upper hand, Let no stain come upon your honor.
33:23 In the day that you end your life, In the day of death, distribute your inheritance.
33:24 Fodder, and a stick, and burdens, for a donkey; Bread, and discipline, and work, for a servant.
33:25 Set your servant to work, and he will seek rest, Leave his hands idle, and he will seek liberty.
33:27 Put him to work that he may not be idle; For idleness teaches much mischief.
33:28 Set him to [such] works as are suited to him, And if he does not obey make his fetters heavy.
33:29 Do not be excessive toward any creature, And do nothing without judgement.
33:30 If you have but one servant, let him be as yourself, For with blood have you obtained him.
33:31 If you have but one servant, treat him as your brother, For as your own soul you have need of him; If you maltreat him, and he departs and runs away, Which way will you go to seek him?

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