Sirach, Chapter 37

37:1 Every friend says: "I have a friend," But there is a friend [who is] a friend in name [only].
37:2 So there is a sorrow that comes near to death, A friend according to the soul turned to an enemy.
37:3 O evil nature, why were you created, To fill the face of the world with deceit?
37:4 An evil friend [is he who] looks to the table, But in time of stress stands aloof.
37:5 A good friend [is he who] fights with the stranger, And takes hold of the shield against the adversary.
37:6 Do not forget a friend in [the time of] conflict, And do not forsake him when you take the spoil.
37:7 Every counsellor points out the way, But there is one who counsels a way for his own advantage.
37:8 Of that counsellor let your soul take heed, And know beforehand what is his interest; For he, too, will take thought for himself; Why should it fall out to his advantage?
37:9 And he will say to you, How good is your way! Then will he stand aloof and watch your adversity.
37:10 Do not take counsel with one who dislikes you, And hide your secret from one who is jealous of you.
37:11 (Do not take counsel) with a woman concerning her rival, And an enemy concerning his conflict, With a merchant concerning business, And with a buyer concerning selling, With an evil man concerning the showing of kindness, And with one who is merciless concerning man's happiness, With a worthless workman concerning his work, And with a yearly hired worker concerning the sowing of seed, With an idle slave concerning much work, Do not trust in these for any counsel.
37:12 But rather with a man who fears always, Whom you know [to be] a keeper of the commandment, Whose heart is like your heart, And if you stumble he will be grieved for you.
37:13 And also discern the counsel of [your own] heart, For there is none more true to you.
37:14 The heart of man declares [to him] his opportunities Better than seven watchmen on a watchtower.
37:15 But in all these things entreat God, That he may direct your steps in truth.
37:16 The beginning of every action is speech, And before every act there is consideration.
37:17 The roots of the deliberations of the heart Throw out four branches:
37:18 Good and evil, life and death; But the tongue rules over them altogether.
37:19 There is a wise man who is wise to many, And to his own soul he shows himself a fool;
37:20 And there is a wise man who is despised for his words, And is cut off from all pleasant food;
37:22 And there is a wise man who is wise to his own soul, And the fruit of his knowledge is upon his body.
37:23 And there is a wise man who is wise to his people, And the fruit of his knowledge is in their bodies.
37:24 The life of a man [numbers] few days, But the life of Israel days without number.
37:25 He who is wise to his own soul will be satisfied with enjoyment, And all who see him account him happy.
37:26 He who is wise [to his] people gains honor, And his name will live forever.
37:27 My son, in your life prove your soul, And see what is evil for it, and do not give it that.
37:28 For not everything is good for everyone; Every soul does not choose of every kind.
37:29 Do not be insatiable in every luxury, And give not yourself wholly to every dainty.
37:30 For in much eating lurks sickness, And he who consumes too much draws near to loathing.
37:31 Through lack of self-control many have perished, But he who controls himself prolongs his life.

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