Sirach, Chapter 4

4:1 My son, do not mock at the life of the poor, And do not grieve the eyes of him who is in bitterness of soul.
4:2 Do not snort at the misery of the soul who lacks, And do not hide yourself from a contrite soul.
4:3 Do not trouble the insides of the oppressed, And do not withhold a gift from your indigent.
4:4 Do not despise the requests of the needy,
4:5 And you will not give him a place to curse you.
4:6 He who is bitter in spirit cries out in the pain of his soul, And his Rock will hear the voice of his cry.
4:7 Cause your soul to be loved by the congregation, And to a ruler, moreover, bow your head.
4:8 Incline your ear to the poor, And answer his [greeting of] Peace, with meekness.
4:9 Save the oppressed from his oppressors, And do not let your spirit be weary with right judgment.
4:10 Be as a father to the fatherless, And in the place of a husband to widows. And God will call you son, And will be gracious to you.
4:11 Wisdom teaches her sons, And testifies to all who understand her.
4:12 Those who love her, love life. And those who seek her, will obtain favor from Yahweh.
4:13 And those who lay hold on her will find honor from Yahweh, And will encamp in the blessing of Yahweh.
4:14 Those who are holy servants, serve her, And his tent [is] among those who desire her.
4:15 He who hears me, will judge in truth; And he who listens to me, will be given a room in my house.
4:17 For in disguise, I will walk with him; And at first, he will choose trials.
4:18 Then at the time his heart is filled with me, I will lead him again, and reveal to him my secrets.
4:19 If he turns away, I will cast him off, And deliver him into the hands of the spoilers.
4:20 My son, observe the time and season, and be afraid of evil. And do not be ashamed to your soul.
4:21 For there is a shame that brings sin, And there is a shame that brings glory and grace.
4:22 Do not regard your soul, And do not stumble because of your shame.
4:23 Do not withhold a word in due season, And do not hide your wisdom.
4:24 For by speech wisdom is made known, And understanding by the answer of the tongue.
4:25 Do not speak against the truth, And concerning your ignorance be ashamed.
4:26 Do not be ashamed to turn from iniquity, And do not stand before a rushing stream.
4:27 Do not lay yourself down under a fool, And do not show favoritism before the mighty.
4:28 Until death strive for the truth, and Yahweh will fight for you.
4:29 Do not be boastful with your tongue, And slack and negligent with your work.
4:30 Do not be as a lion in your house, And reckless in your cultivating.
4:31 Do not let your hand be stretched out to receive, And drawn back to return.

Text from UPDV Updated Bible Version 2.17 plus Pending Changes.
Copyright © 2003-2023 by Greg Abrams.