Sirach, Chapter 40

40:1 Much occupation God has allotted, And heavy is the yoke on the sons of men; From the day that he comes forth from his mother's womb, Until the day of his returning to the mother of all living.
40:2 [As for] their thoughts, and fear of heart, The idea of their expectation is the day of death.
40:3 From him who sits upon a throne in exaltation, To him who sits in dust and ashes;
40:4 From him who wears a diadem and crown, To him who wears a garment of hair,
40:5 [There is but] anger and jealousy, anxiety and fear, Terror of death, strife and contention. And when he rests upon his bed, The sleep of night doubles his trouble.
40:6 For a short time, that he may rest for a moment, he is undisturbed, And then by dreams is he disturbed. He is troubled by the vision of his soul, He is like a fugitive fleeing before the pursuer.
40:7 In the time of his deliverance he is aroused, And marvels that [there was] fear for nothing.
40:8 With all flesh, both of man and beast, And upon sinners sevenfold more,
40:9 [There is] pestilence and bloodshed, blight and drought, Devastation and destruction, famine and death.
40:10 For the wicked evil was created, And because of him destruction does not depart.
40:11 All things that are from the earth return to the earth, And that which is from on high [returns] on high.
40:12 All bribery and injustice will be blotted out, And faith will abide forever.
40:13 Wealth [obtained] by injustice is like a perennial torrent, And like a river that is mighty in a storm;
40:14 When it rises rocks are rolled down, So does it suddenly come to an end forever.
40:15 A branch of violence has no shoot in it, And the root of the godless is upon a rocky crag;
40:16 It is like the reeds upon the bank of a river, Which will be dried up before every other plant.
40:17 But kindness will never be moved, And righteousness endures forever.
40:18 A life of wine and strong drink is sweet, But better than both is he who finds a treasure.
40:19 A child and a city establish a name, But better than both is he who finds wisdom. The offspring of cattle, and planting, make a name to flourish. But better than both is a loved woman.
40:20 Wine and strong drink rejoice the heart, But better than both is the affection of lovers.
40:21 Pipe and harp make sweet the song, But better than both is a pure tongue.
40:22 Grace and beauty charm your eye, But better than both are the products of the field.
40:23 A friend and a companion meet opportunely, But better than both is a discreet wife.
40:24 Brothers and help are for a time of affliction, But better than both is righteousness [that] delivers.
40:25 Gold and silver make the foot stand sure, But better than both is counsel esteemed.
40:26 Wealth and strength lift up the heart, But better than both is the fear of God. In the fear of the Lord there is no lack, And with it there is no need to seek [other] help.
40:27 The fear of God is as an Eden of blessing, And over all glory is its canopy.
40:28 My son, do not lead a beggar's life, Better is one dead than one who begs.
40:29 A man who looks upon a stranger's table, His life is not accounted life. A pollution of his soul are the dainties presented, And to a man of knowledge [they are] a cause of suffering.
40:30 In the mouth of a greedy man begging is sweet, But within him it burns like fire.

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