Sirach, Chapter 43

43:1 The beauty of the height [of the heavens] is the clear firmament, And the vault of heaven is a spectacle of glory.
43:2 The sun when he goes forth pours out heat, How terrible are the works of Yahweh!
43:3 When it shines at noon it scorches the world, Before its burning [heat] who can stand?
43:4 A heated furnace makes the metal become heated, [But] the sending forth of the sun sets mountains ablaze. The rays from the light scorch the inhabited earth, And the light from the lamp scorches the eyes.
43:5 For great is Yahweh who made it, And his word causes his mighty one to shine.
43:6 And also the moon he made for its due season, To rule over periods for an everlasting sign.
43:7 By her festivals and the appointed times [are fixed], A light that wanes when she has come to the full.
43:8 Month by month she renews herself, How wonderful [is she] in her changing! A beacon for the hosts on high, Paving the firmament with her shining.
43:9 The beauty of heaven, and its glory [are] the stars, With their bright shining in the heights of God.
43:10 At the word of God they stand as decreed, And they do not sleep in their watches.
43:11 Behold the rainbow, and bless the Maker of it; It is exceedingly majestic in its glory;
43:12 It encompasses the [heavenly] vault in its glory, And the hand of God has spread it out in might.
43:13 His power sends out the lightning, And makes bright its flashes in judgement;
43:14 For it he created a treasure-house, And clouds fly forth as fowls.
43:15 By his mighty power he makes the clouds strong, And the hailstones are broken small.
43:16 The voice of his thunder makes the earth travail, By his strength he shakes the mountains. And the fear of him stirs up the south wind,
43:17 And the whirlwind of the north, and hurricane and tempest. Like birds he sprinkles his snow, And like settling locusts is the coming down of it;
43:18 The beauty of its whiteness dazzles the eyes, And the heart is amazed at the raining down of it.
43:19 Also the hoarfrost, he pours it out like salt, And he causes flowers to bloom like sapphires.
43:20 The cold of the north wind he causes to blow, And hardens the pond like a bottle; Upon every gathering of waters he spreads a crust, And the pond puts on, as it were, a breastplate.
43:21 The produce of the mountains he dries up with scorching heat, And the springing grass of the meadows as [with] a flame.
43:22 Healing for all things is the dropping from the clouds, The dew which speedily refreshed the parched ground.
43:23 By his counsel he has stilled the great deep, And has planted islands in the midst of the deep.
43:24 Those who go down to the sea declare its bounds, And when our ears hear it we marvel.
43:25 In it are marvels, the wonders of his works, All manner of living things, and mighty things of the deep.
43:26 For his own sake he makes his work prosper, And by his word he works his pleasure.
43:27 Yet more things like these we will not add, And the end of the matter is: He is all.
43:28 We will still magnify, though we cannot fathom, For greater is he than all his works.
43:29 Exceeding terrible is Yahweh, And wonderful are his mighty works.
43:30 You+ who magnify Yahweh, lift up your voice, As much as you+ are able, for there is yet more! You+ who exalt him, renew your strength, And do not be wearied, though you+ cannot fathom him.
43:31 Who has seen him that he may declare him? And who shall magnify him as he is?
43:32 Many things, greater than these, are hidden, I have only seen a few of his works.
43:33 Yahweh has made everything, And to the godly he has given wisdom.

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