Sirach, Chapter 49

49:1 The name of Josiah is as sweet incense, That is well mixed, the work of the perfumer. The memorial of him is sweet in the palate like honey, And as music at a banquet of wine.
49:2 For he was grieved at their backslidings, And caused the vain abominations to cease;
49:3 And he gave his heart wholly to God, And in days of violence he showed kindness.
49:4 Except David, Hezekiah, And Josiah, they all dealt corruptly, And forsook the law of the Most High,-- The kings of Judah, until their end.
49:5 And their might was given to others, And their glory to a strange nation.
49:6 And so the Holy City was burned, And its ways were laid waste, by the hand of Jeremiah,
49:7 Because they persecuted him, And from the womb he was a prophet, "To pluck up, to break down, and to destroy, And likewise to build, and to plant," and to strengthen.
49:8 Ezekiel saw a vision, And declared the different beings of the chariot.
49:9 He also made mention of Job among the prophets, Who was complete in all the ways of righteousness.
49:10 And also the Twelve Prophets, May their bones sprout beneath them, Who made Jacob whole, And delivered him by confident hope.
49:11 How shall we magnify Zerubbabel, He, indeed, was a signet on the right hand;
49:12 And also Joshua, the son of Jehozadak, Who in their days built the House, And set up on high the Holy Temple, Which was prepared for everlasting glory.
49:13 Nehemiah, glorious is his memory. Who raised up our ruins, And healed our breaches, And set up gates and bars.
49:14 Few have been created on the earth like Enoch; He also was taken up from off the face of it.
49:15 Like Joseph was there ever a man born? His body was also visited.
49:16 Shem, and Seth, with Enoch were honored; But above every living thing was the glory of Adam. Great among his brethren, and the glory of his people

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