Sirach, Chapter 5

5:1 Do not lean on your strength, And do not say, It is in the power of my hand.
5:2 Do not go after your heart and your eyes, To walk in the pleasures of evil.
5:3 Do not say, Who is able to [reach] his strength, For Yahweh seeks the persecuted.
5:4 Do not say, I have sinned, and will he do anything to me? For God is slow to anger.
5:5 Do not trust in forgiveness, To add iniquity to iniquity;
5:6 And then say, His mercies are great, He will pardon the multitude of my iniquities. For mercy and anger are with him, And upon the wicked he will lay his wrath.
5:7 Do not delay to turn to him; And do not put it off from day to day. For suddenly his indignation will go forth; And in the time of vengeance you will be consumed.
5:8 Do not trust in possessions of falsehood, For they will not profit in the day of wrath.
5:9 Do not be scattered in every wind, And do not walk in every path.
5:10 Be established in your knowledge, And afterward will be your words.
5:11 Be swift to give ear, And in patience of spirit return an answer.
5:12 If you have anything [to say], answer your fellow man; If not, [put] your hand on your mouth.
5:13 Glory and shame are in the hand of one who speaks rashly; And the tongue of a man is his fall.
5:14 Do not be called double-tongued; And with your tongue do not slander a friend. For a thief, shame was created; And reproach for the friend of the double-tongued.
5:15 Little or great, do not destroy; And instead of a friend, do not be an enemy.

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