Sirach, Chapter 6

6:1 Reproach will give you an evil name and shame to inherit; So [it will be with] an evil man [who is] double-tongued.
6:2 Do not fall into the hand of your desire; Or it will smother your strength over you.
6:3 It will eat your leaves and root out your fruit; And leave you like a dry tree.
6:4 For excessive desire destroys its owners; And the gladness of an enemy will overtake them.
6:5 A sweet mouth grows a friend; And graceful lips will greet [saying], Peace.
6:6 Let the men who greet you [saying], Peace, be many; But the owner of your secret, one among a thousand.
6:7 Have you gotten a friend? Get him in trial; And do not be in a hurry to rely on him.
6:8 For there is a fair-weathered friend, Who will not continue in the day of trouble.
6:9 There is a friend who turns into an enemy, And with strife he will uncover your reproach.
6:10 There is a friend who is company at a table, But will not be found in the day of evil.
6:11 When things are good for you, he is like you; But when things are bad for you, he will despise you.
6:12 If evil overtakes you, he will turn against you; And he will hide himself from your face.
6:13 Separate yourself from your enemies; Take heed of your friends.
6:14 A faithful friend is a solid friend; And he who finds him, finds wealth.
6:15 For a faithful friend, there is no price; And there is no weight for his goodness.
6:16 A faithful friend is a bundle of life; He who fears God will obtain it.
6:17 For as much as he is, so is his fellow man; And as his name is, so is his value.
6:18 My son, from your youth choose understanding; And until your gray head you will attain wisdom.
6:19 As the plowman and as the reaper, come near to her; And wait for the abundance of her increase. For in serving her, you will serve a little; And tomorrow you will eat her fruit.
6:20 To a fool, she is one who restrains; And he who is void of understanding will not bear her.
6:21 She will be like a burdensome stone on him; And he will not delay to cast her away.
6:22 For as her name is, so is her instruction; And she is not plain to many.
6:25 Incline your shoulder and carry her; And do not be weary of her bundle.
6:27 Inquire and conduct a search; seek and find. And take hold of her and don't let her go.
6:28 For afterward you will find her rest; And [it] will be changed to a delight for you.
6:29 And she will be for you a net, a place of strength; And she will bundle [the net] with garments of gold.
6:30 Her yoke is an ornament of gold; And her bonds are a cord of blue.
6:31 You will put her on as garments of glory; And crown yourself with her as a crown of beauty.
6:32 If it pleases you, my son, you will become wise; And if you establish your heart, you will become prudent.
6:33 If you will bring yourself to hear, And incline your ear, you will be instructed.
6:35 Be pleased to hear all talk; And do not let a proverb of understanding get away from you.
6:36 See who understands and seek him diligently; And let your foot wear away his threshold.
6:37 Diligently consider the fear of the Most High; And always study his commandments. And he will give your heart understanding; And according to that which you desire, he will teach you wisdom.

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