Sirach, Chapter 7

7:1 Do not do evil to yourself; And evil will not overtake you.
7:2 Keep far from iniquity; And it will turn away from you.
7:3 Do not knowingly plow against a brother; Or else you will reap it sevenfold.
7:4 Do not seek dominion from God; Or likewise a seat of honor from a king.
7:5 Do not justify yourself before a king; And before a king, do not make yourself wise.
7:6 Do not seek to be a ruler If you do not have the strength to make pride cease. Or else you will be afraid of the noble; And allow unjust gain in your integrity.
7:7 Do not cause your condemnation in the gates of the congregation; And you will not cause your fall in the assembly.
7:8 Do not conspire to sin twice; For in one you will not go unpunished.
7:9 Do not be stressed in the service of work; For it has been allotted by God.
7:10 Do not be in a hurry to intercede in disputes; And in deciding who is right, do not be angry.
7:11 Do not despise a common man who is in bitterness of spirit; Remember that there is one who lifts up and brings low.
7:12 Do not plow violence against a brother; And so, against a fellow man and friend together.
7:13 Do not delight to tell lie upon lie; For the expectation from that will not be pleasant.
7:14 Do not reveal a secret in the congregation of princes; And do not repeat what you heard from interceding in a dispute.
7:16 Do not reckon yourself among the men of the people; Remember, if they cause trouble, do not be angry.
7:17 Exceedingly bring pride low; For the expectation of common man is the maggot.
7:18 Do not exchange a friend for a price; Nor lend a brother for the gold of Ophir.
7:19 Do not despise a prudent wife; And a well-favored [wife] is above rubies.
7:20 Do not afflict a slave who serves faithfully; Or likewise a hired worker who gives his soul.
7:21 A slave who deals wisely, love as your own soul; Do not withhold freedom from him.
7:22 Do you have a beast? Keep your eyes on it. And if it is trustworthy, establish it.
7:23 Do you have sons? Instruct them. And marry wives to them in their youth.
7:24 Do you have daughters? Guard their flesh. And do not cause your face to shine toward them.
7:25 Give away a daughter and a concern will go away. But give her to a [noble] man of understanding.
7:26 Do you have a wife? Do not be disgusted by her. But a woman who is an enemy, do not trust in her.
7:27 With all your heart, honor your father. And do not forget the birth pangs of your mother.
7:28 Remember that except through them, You would not have been [born]. So what will you give back to them Compared to what they gave to you?
7:29 With all your soul, fear God. And sanctify his priests.
7:30 With all your might, love him who made you. And do not forsake his ministers.
7:31 Glorify God and honor the priest. And give their portion as you were commanded: The bread of the first fruits; and The heave-offering of the hand; and The sacrifices of righteousness; and The heave-offering of the holy things.
7:32 And likewise to the needy, hold out your hand; So that your blessing may be complete.
7:33 Show grace as a gift in the sight of all the living. And likewise to the dead, do not deny kindness.
7:34 Do not put off those who weep, But mourn with those who mourn.
7:35 Do not take away your heart from a friend, Because by doing this you will be loved.
7:36 With all your works remember the end; And you will never be destroyed.

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