Sirach, Chapter 11

11:1 The wisdom of the needy will lift up his head And will seat him among nobles.
11:2 Do not praise man for his form; And do not be disgusted by man for his appearance.
11:3 The bee is worthless among the birds; But her fruit is head of the produce.
11:4 Do not mock at one who wears [only] a loincloth; And do not scorn at a bitter day. For the works of Yahweh are wonderful things; And his work has been hid from man.
11:5 Many who were contrite have sat on a throne; And [those] not on anyone's mind have worn a turban.
11:6 Many who were lifted up have been dishonored greatly; And the honored were given into the hand of the lesser.
11:7 Do not overthrow before you conduct a search; Inquire at first, and afterward rebuke.
11:8 Do not return an answer before you hear; And do not speak out in the middle of [someone] talking.
11:9 When there is no sorrow, do not fret; And when there is strife of the proud, do not rise up.
11:10 My son, why do you increase your oppression? For he who hurries to increase will not go unpunished. My son, surely if you run, you will not arrive; And surely if you seek, you will not find.
11:11 There is one who labors, is weary, and runs; And by doing so, he falls behind.
11:12 There is one who is beaten down, and who perishes in his walk, Lacking everything and has abundant hardship. But the eye of Yahweh watches him for good; And he shakes him free from the stinking dust.
11:13 He lifts up his head and exalts him; And many are amazed at him.
11:14 Good and evil, life and death, poverty and riches, are from Yahweh.
11:17 The gift of the righteous will stand forever; And his favor will prosper forever.
11:18 There is one who makes himself rich by afflicting himself; And there is one who hides his wages.
11:19 And in time, he says, "I have found rest; And now I will eat from my good things." He does not know when he will pass on; And he leaves it [all] to another and dies.
11:20 My son, stand in your task and be satisfied in it; And grow old in your work.
11:21 Do not be astonished at the works of the sinner; But believe in Yahweh and abide in your toil. For it is a light thing in the sight of Yahweh To quickly and suddenly make the poor rich.
11:22 The blessing of God is the lot of the righteous; And in time, his hope will blossom.
11:23 Do not say, What do I need? And now what good thing is for me?
11:24 Do not say, I have enough with me. And now what evil thing will concern me?
11:25 The goodness of a day makes the evil be forgotten; And the evil of a day makes the goodness be forgotten.
11:27 A time of evil makes delight be forgotten; And the end of man tells concerning him.
11:28 Before death, do not call a [noble] man blessed; For at his end, a man will be recognized.
11:29 Do not bring every man into your house; For how many are the wounds of a scammer!
11:30 Like a bird that is caught in a cage, so is the heart of the proud; And like a spy, he will see your nakedness.
11:31 The whisperer will turn good to evil; And he will set a conspiracy for your pleasant things.
11:32 From a spark, a charcoal increases; And [from] a worthless man, he lies in wait for blood.
11:33 Be afraid of evil, for it brings forth evil. Why should you take a blemish forever?
11:34 Do not stick to the wicked or he will overthrow you; And he will turn you out of your house.

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