Sirach, Chapter 15

15:1 For he who fears Yahweh will do this; And he who takes hold of the law will approach her.
15:2 And then she will meet him like [his] mother; And like the wife of [his] youth, she will receive him.
15:3 And then she will give him the bread of discretion to eat; And she will give him the waters of understanding to drink.
15:4 And then he will lean on her and not be tripped; And he will trust in her and not be ashamed.
15:5 And then she will exalt him above his fellow man; And in the midst of the assembly, she will open his mouth.
15:6 He will find joy and gladness; And she will give him an everlasting name to inherit.
15:7 Men of falsehood will not approach her; And prideful men will not see her.
15:8 She is far from scoffers; And liars will not remember her.
15:9 Praise is not seemly in the mouth of the wicked; For it was not distributed to him from God.
15:10 In the mouth of the wise, praise will be said; And he who rules over it will teach it.
15:11 Do not say, "My transgression is from God." For that which he hates, he does not do.
15:12 Beware that you do not say, "It was he who stumbled me." For there is no need of violent men.
15:13 Yahweh hates disgusting behavior and evil; And he will not let it happen to those who fear him.
15:14 It was he who from the beginning created man; And gave him into the hand of his imagination.
15:15 If it pleases you, you will keep the commandments; And to do his will is understanding.
15:16 Fire and water are poured out before you; In that which pleases you, put forth your hand.
15:17 Life and death are before man; That which pleases him will be given to him.
15:18 The wisdom of Yahweh is sufficient; He is mighty in strength and looks at all things.
15:19 The eyes of God see his works; And it is he who discerns all that a man does.
15:20 He did not command common man to sin; And he did not cause liars to dream.

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