Sirach, Chapter 16

16:1 Do not desire the form of young men of falsehood; And do not rejoice in sons of wickedness.
16:2 And even though they were fruitful, do not exult in them; If the fear of Yahweh is not with them.
16:3 Do not trust in their life; And do not put confidence in their footsteps. For one is better than a thousand; And to die childless than to have sons of wickedness.
16:4 From one who fears Yahweh, a city will be inhabited; And from a family of betrayers, it will be desolate.
16:5 Many such things has my eye seen; And numerous such things has my ear heard.
16:6 In the congregation of the wicked, a fire is burning; And in a godless nation, wrath is kindled.
16:7 He did not forgive the ancient princes; Those who rebelled in their strength.
16:8 And he did not spare the place where Lot sojourned; Those who were furious in their pride.
16:9 And he did not spare the nation devoted to destruction; Those who were trodden down in their iniquity.
16:10 Likewise [he did not spare] six hundred thousand on foot; Those who were taken away in the pride of their heart.
16:11 And if there is another who is stiff-necked; It would be a wonder if he were to be unpunished. For mercy and anger are with him; And he forgives and pardons, but will pour out his wrath.
16:12 As is the multitude of his mercies, so is his reproof: He will judge a man according to his works.
16:13 The unrighteous will not escape in robbery: And he will not cause the desire of the righteous to cease.
16:14 Everyone who does righteousness has a reward; And everyone will go forth according to his works.
16:17 Do not say, "I am hidden from God; And who will remember me on high? Among a mass of people, I will not be known; And what is my soul among all that have breath?
16:20 Likewise, he will not set his heart upon me; And who will consider my ways?
16:21 If I have sinned, no eye will see me. Or if I lie, it is all hidden, Who will know?
16:22 My work of righteousness, who will declare it? And what hope is there? For the decree is set."
16:23 Those who are void of understanding will think these things; And a [noble] man who is silly will consider this.
16:24 Listen to me, my son, and receive my teaching; And upon my words, set your heart.
16:25 I will pour out my spirit by weight, And by measure I will declare my knowledge.
16:26 When God created his works from the beginning, Concerning their life he assigned them portions.
16:27 He set in order his works forever, And their rule from generation to generation. They do not hunger, neither are they weak, And they do not cease from their works.
16:28 Not one presses on his neighbor, They never disobey his word.
16:29 And after these things the Lord looked upon the earth, And filled it with his good things.
16:30 With every living soul he covered the face of it; And into it is their return.

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