Sirach, Chapter 26

26:1 A good wife, blessed is her husband, The number of his days is doubled.
26:2 A worthy wife cherishes her husband, And he fulfills the years of his life in peace.
26:3 A good wife is a good portion; She will be given as a portion to those who fear the Lord.
26:4 [Whether] rich or poor, his heart is cheerful, And his face is merry at all times.
26:5 Of three things my heart is afraid, And concerning a fourth I am in great fear: Slander in the city, an assembly of the multitude, And a false accusation; worse than death are they all;
26:6 Grief of heart and sorrow is a wife jealous of another; The scourge of the tongue are they all.
26:7 A hard yoke is a wicked woman; He who takes hold of her is as one grasping a scorpion.
26:8 A drunk woman causes great wrath; She does not cover her own shame.
26:9 The whoredom of a woman is in the lifting up of her eyes. And she is known by her eyelids.
26:10 Upon a headstrong daughter keep watch, Lest, finding liberty, she uses it for herself.
26:11 Look well after a shameless eye, And do not marvel if it trespasses against you;
26:12 As a thirsty traveller opens his mouth, And drinks of any water that is near, So she sits down at every tent peg, And opens her quiver to any arrow.
26:13 The grace of a wife delights her husband, And her understanding fattens his bones.
26:14 A silent woman is a gift from the Lord, And a well instructed soul is beyond worth.
26:15 Grace upon grace is a modest woman, And there is no weight [of gold] worth a self-controlled soul.
26:16 [As] the sun rising in the highest places of the Lord, [So] also is the beauty of a good wife in the ordering of her house.
26:17 [As] the lamp shining on the holy candlestick, [So] also is the beauty of a face upon a stately figure.
26:18 [As] the golden pillars upon the silver base, [So] also are beautiful feet upon firm heels.
26:28 For two things my heart is grieved, And for a third wrath comes upon me: A rich man who has become poor, And men of understanding if they are despised, And one who turns from righteousness to sin; The Lord will prepare a sword for him.
26:29 With difficulty the merchant keeps himself from wrongdoing, And a huckster will not be acquitted of sin.

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