Sirach, Chapter 27

27:1 Many have sinned for the sake of gain, And he who seeks to multiply [gains] turns away his eye.
27:2 [As] a nail sticks fast between the joinings of stones, [So] does sin thrust itself in between buying and selling.
27:3 If a man does not hold diligently to the fear of the Lord, His house will be swiftly overthrown.
27:4 When a sieve is shaken the refuse remains, So [it is with] the filth of a man in his reasoning.
27:5 The potter's vessel is proved in the furnace. And the test of a man is by means of examining him.
27:6 According to the cultivation of a tree so is its yield, [So] the thought of a man according to his nature.
27:7 Praise no man before taking stock of him, For by taking stock of man he is discerned.
27:8 If you follow after righteousness you will attain, And put it on as a robe of glory.
27:9 Birds dwell with their kind, And truth returns to those who practice it.
27:10 The lion waits for its prey, So does sin for those who work iniquity.
27:11 The discourse of the godly is always wisdom, But the fool changes as the moon.
27:12 In the midst of fools closely watch the time, But with a man who is thoughtful abide continually.
27:13 The discourse of fools is an annoyance, And their laughter is sinful wantonness.
27:14 The oath of the godless makes the hair stand on end, And their strife [makes] a man plug his ears.
27:15 A shedding of blood is the strife of the proud, And their abuse is grievous to hear.
27:16 He who reveals secrets destroys trust, And will find no friend to his soul.
27:17 Love a friend and keep faith with him, But if you reveal his secrets do not follow after him;
27:18 For as a man who has destroyed his enemy, So have you destroyed the friendship of your neighbor.
27:19 And as a bird which you have released out of your hand, So have you let your neighbor go, and you will not catch him again.
27:20 Do not pursue him, for he is too far gone, And has escaped like a gazelle from a snare.
27:21 For a wound may be bound up, and for slander there is reconciliation, But he who reveals secrets has no hope.
27:22 He who winks with his eye plans evil things, And he who knows him keeps far from him.
27:23 Before your eyes his mouth will speak sweetly, And he will marvel at your words; But afterward he will alter his mouth, And with your words will make a stumbling block.
27:24 Many things I hate, but nothing like him, And the Lord will hate him too.
27:25 He who casts a stone on high casts it upon his own head, And a deceitful blow apportions wounds to the deceiver.
27:26 He who digs a pit will fall into it, And he who sets a snare will be taken in it.
27:27 He who does evil things, they will roll back upon him, And he will not know from where they came to him.
27:28 Mockery and reproach [come] from the proud, And vengeance, like a lion, lies in wait for them.
27:29 Those who rejoice in the fall of the godly will be taken in a snare, And torment will consume them before their death.
27:30 Wrath and anger, these also are abominations, And a sinful man takes possession of them.

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