UPDV Bible e-Sword Apple

UPDV Bible e-Sword Apple

Format: e-Sword For Apple – Mac OSX / iPhone / iPad

Click the Download button below to download the Apple formatted module to your Macintosh computer, iPhone, or iPad device. Use the Safari browser on your computer or device that you have e-Sword on. Then click the file to open it.

For iPhone / iPad:
Next, click on the share button in the upper right – a small square with an up-arrow. Then select “e-Sword”. This will copy the file to e-Sword. The UPDV Bible will now be an option in e-Sword.

On Mac OSX:
Just double click the file that was downloaded and it will install. Then open the e-Sword app and select the UPDV bible to use it.

For more information on obtaining the Apple based e-Sword apps visit the website: www.e-sword.net