UPDV Bible e-Sword PC

UPDV Bible e-Sword PC

Format: e-Sword Bible Module For Windows (Requires E-Sword Version 9 Or Higher)

This is a recommended method for easier access to search, retrieve, find cross references, and store notes in the Bible. The e-Sword Bible Program is available free of charge. There are also a variety of other resources available to use with it. The UPDV module integrates into it as a separate Bible version. Currently, the footnotes and appendix are not available in the e-Sword format. In addition, the module is only available for Microsoft Windows based computers. Technical note: When searching the entire Bible, in order to include Sirach, you need to select Sirach as the last book instead of Revelation. Please note the format of this Bible download only works with E-Sword Version 9 or above.

Step 1: Download the e-Sword program from www.e-sword.net if you don’t have the free e-Sword Bible Program yet. You will need it before going to the next step. Be sure the program is installed and working. Then exit from it.

Step 2: Click the Download button below to save the UPDV e-Sword Bible module to your computer.

Step 3: Open the file named updves.exe you just saved in step #2. The installer program will start. Follow the instructions contained in it.

Step 4: After completing the UPDV module installation, just open the e-Sword program. The UPDV should display as a Bible. If the e-Sword program was open during the installation, be sure to close it, and then re-open it.

Step 5: For additional help with the e-Sword Bible, please consult the help within the program, or visit their website.

You can also download many other free e-Sword modules by going to www.biblesupport.com.