UPDV Bible Logos PBB

UPDV Bible Logos PBB

Format: Logos Personal Book – Bible Module

This is the docx file that can be used as a source to build the UPDV Bible in Logos bible software.

The appendix and footnotes are not currently included.

Step 1: Visit the website at www.logos.com if you want more information about Logos Bible Software.

Step 2: Click, or right-click, the Download button below to save the UPDV docx source file to your computer.

Step 3: Open Logos, and Select Tools, Then Personal Books. Click Add Book.

Step 4: Enter the following information in the respective fields: UPDV 2.17, Greg Abrams, Copyright 2018, Type: Bible, Language: English. Enter UPDV 2.17 in the large box to the right. Click Add file, add the docx that was downloaded. Then click build book. This will take several minutes. Ignore any errors reported. You can also use a book cover image by downloading the logos PBB Cover in our downloads section to use the printed edition book cover image. Save that to your computer then set that as the cover image within Logos.

Step 5: After building, click Finished. Then click on it, and optionally click on the Upload button to allow it to sync to any other Logos installs you have on desktop computers. The UPDV should now show as a Bible in your Library. Within your library it can be quickly loaded by using the abbreviation ‘UPDV’.