Sirach, Chapter 17

17:1 God created man out of the earth, And returned him into it again.
17:2 Days by number and a set time, he gave them; And he gave them authority over the things upon it.
17:3 As was fitting for them, he clothed them with strength; And in his image he made them.
17:4 And he put the fear of them upon all flesh, And gave them dominion over beasts and birds.
17:5 With insight and understanding, he filled their heart;
17:6 And taught them good and evil.
17:7 He formed for them tongue, and eyes, and ears, And gave them a heart to understand,
17:8 To show them the majesty of his works, That they might glory in his wonders,
17:9 And might declare the fear of him in the world,
17:10 And praise his holy name.
17:11 He set before them knowledge, And the law of life he gave them for a heritage.
17:12 He made an everlasting covenant with them, And showed them his judgements.
17:13 Their eyes beheld his glorious majesty, And their ear heard his glorious voice.
17:14 And he said to them, Beware of all unrighteousness; And he commanded them, each concerning his neighbor.
17:15 Their ways are ever before him, They are not hid from his eyes.
17:17 For every nation he appointed a ruler, But Israel is the Lord's portion,
17:19 All their works are clear as the sun before him, And his eyes are continually upon their ways.
17:20 Their iniquities are not hid from him, And all their sins are before the Lord.
17:22 The righteousness of men is to him as a signet, And the mercy of man he preserves as the apple of an eye.
17:23 Afterwards he will rise up and recompense them, And retribution he will bring upon their own head.
17:24 Nevertheless to those who repent he grants a return, And comforts those who lose patience.
17:25 Turn to the Lord and forsake sins, Supplicate before his face and lessen offence.
17:26 Turn to the Most High, and turn away from iniquity, And vehemently hate the disgusting thing.
17:27 For what pleasure does God have in all who perish in the world, Instead of those who live and give him praise?
17:28 Thanksgiving perishes from the dead as from one who does not exist, [But] he who lives and is in health praises the Lord.
17:29 How great is the mercy of the Lord, And [His] forgiveness to those who turn to him.
17:30 For it is not like this in man, Nor is his thought like the thoughts of the sons of men.
17:31 What is brighter than the sun? Yet this fails; And how much more man who [has] the inclination of flesh and blood.
17:32 He looks upon the host of the height of heaven, And [on] all men [who] are earth and ashes.

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