Sirach, Chapter 18

18:1 He who lives for ever created all things together,
18:2 The Lord alone will be justified.
18:4 To none has he given power to declare his works, Yes, who can trace out his mighty deeds?
18:5 Who can declare the might of his majesty, And who can recount his mercies?
18:6 No man can take [from them] nor add [to them], Nor can any trace out the marvellous acts of the Lord.
18:7 When a man has finished, then he just begins, And when he ceases he is in perplexity.
18:8 What is man, and what profit is there in him? What is the good of him, and what is the evil?
18:9 The number of man's days Is great [if it reaches] a hundred years;
18:10 As a drop of water from the sea, or [as] a grain of sand, So are [man? s] few years in the day of eternity.
18:11 Therefore is the Lord longsuffering toward them And pours out his mercy upon them.
18:12 He sees and knows that their end is evil, Therefore he increases his forgiveness.
18:13 The mercy of man is upon his neighbor, But the mercy of the Lord is upon all flesh, Reproving, and chastening, and teaching, And bringing back as a shepherd his flock.
18:14 He has mercy on those who accept chastening, And who diligently seek after his judgements.
18:15 My son, do not put a blemish on [your] good deeds, Nor [cause] grief through words in any gift;
18:16 Does not the dew make the burning heat to cease? So a word changes [the character of] a gift.
18:17 For there is a good word which is better than a gift; And both belong to a gracious man.
18:18 A fool upbraids ungraciously, And the gift of envious man consumes the eyes.
18:19 Before you fight, seek a helper; Before you are sick, a physician.
18:20 Before judgement examine yourself, And in the hour of visitation you will find forgiveness.
18:21 Before you fall humble yourself, And in time of sin show repentance.
18:22 Let nothing hinder you from paying your vows in due time, And do not wait until death to be justified.
18:23 Before you vow, prepare your vows, And do not be as one who tempts God.
18:24 Think of the wrath in the latter days, And of the time of vengeance, when he turns away his face.
18:25 Remember the time of famine in the time of plenty, And poverty and want in the days of wealth.
18:26 From morning until evening the time changes, And all things move swiftly before the Lord.
18:27 A wise man is discreet in all things, And in days of sinning keeps himself from offence.
18:28 Every wise man teaches wisdom, And let them who know her give thanks.
18:29 Those who are wise in teaching also show that they are wise In that they pour forth wise proverbs.
18:30 Do not go after your desires, And refrain yourself from your appetites.
18:31 If you grant to your soul the gratification of [her] desire, You will make yourself a cause of rejoicing to your enemies.
18:32 Do not delight yourself in too much luxury, For double is its poverty.
18:33 Do not be a squanderer and a drunkard, Or else there will be nothing in your purse.

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