Sirach, Chapter 34

34:1 He who seeks vanity finds delusion, And dreams give wings to fools.
34:2 As one who catches a shadow and pursues the wind, So is he who trusts in dreams.
34:3 A dream is like a mirror, The likeness of a face reflecting a face.
34:4 What can be made clean from an unclean thing? And how can that which is true come from a lie?
34:5 Divinations, and soothsayings, and dreams are vain, As you hope so does your heart see.
34:6 If they are not sent by the Most High in a visitation, Do not give your heart to them.
34:7 For dreams have led many astray, And they have fallen, trusting in them.
34:8 Without deceit the law will be fulfilled; And wisdom in the mouth of one who is faithful is perfection.
34:9 A well-instructed man knows many things, And one of much experience expounds knowledge.
34:10 He who has no experience knows [but] few things,
34:11 But he who has wandered multiplies his skill.
34:12 I have seen many things in my travels, And many things have befallen me;
34:13 Often I was in danger even to death, But was saved thanks to these things.
34:14 The spirit of those who seek the Lord will live,
34:15 For their hope is on him who saves them,
34:16 He who fears the Lord will not be afraid, He will not lose courage, for he is his hope.
34:17 Blessed is the soul of him who fears the Lord;
34:18 On whom does he trust? And who is his stay?
34:19 The eyes of the Lord are upon those who love him, A mighty protection and a strong stay, A shelter from the scorching wind, a shelter from the midday sun, A guard from stumbling, a help from falling;
34:20 One who refreshes the soul and lightens the eyes, Who gives healing, and life, and blessing.
34:21 The sacrifice of an unrighteous man is a mocking sacrifice,
34:22 And the oblations of the wicked are not acceptable.
34:23 The Most High has no pleasure in the offerings of the ungodly, Neither is he pacified for sins by the multitude of sacrifices.
34:24 [As] one who slays a son in the sight of his father, [So] is he who brings a sacrifice from the belongings of the poor.
34:25 The bread of the needy is the life of the poor, He who deprives him of it is a man of blood.
34:26 He slays his neighbor who takes away his [means of] living,
34:27 And a shedder of blood is he who deprives the hired worker of his wages.
34:28 One building, and another pulling down, What profit have they but [useless] labor?
34:29 One praying, and another cursing, To whose voice will the Master listen?
34:30 He who washes after [contact with] a dead body, and touches it again, What profit does he have by his washing?
34:31 So a man fasting for his sins, And going again and doing the same, Who will hearken to his prayer? And what has he profited by humiliating himself?

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