Sirach, Chapter 35

35:1 He who keeps the law multiplies offerings,
35:2 And he who gives heed to the commandments sacrifices a peace-offering.
35:3 He who renders kindness offers fine flour,
35:4 And he who gives alms sacrifices a thanksgiving offering.
35:5 A pleasing thing to the Lord it is to depart from wickedness, And a propitiation it is to turn away from unrighteousness.
35:6 Do not appear in the presence of the Lord empty,
35:7 For all these things [are due] because of the commandment.
35:8 The offering of a righteous man makes the altar fat, And the sweet savor therefore [is] before the Most High.
35:9 The sacrifice of a righteous man is acceptable, And the memorial of it will not be forgotten.
35:10 With a good eye glorify the Lord, And do not hold back the offerings of your hands.
35:11 In all your works let your countenance beam, And with gladness sanctify your tithe.
35:12 Give to God according to his gift to you, With a good eye and according as your hand has prospered;
35:13 For he is a God of recompense, And sevenfold he will recompense you.
35:14 Do not bribe [him], for he will not accept [gifts],
35:15 And do not trust in a sacrifice of extortion; For he is a God of justice, And with him there is no partiality.
35:16 He will not respect the person of the poor, But hearkens to the supplications of the distressed.
35:17 He does not ignore the cry of the orphan, Nor the widow when she pours out her complaint.
35:18 Does not the tear run down upon the cheek?
35:19 And [is there not] a sigh against him who causes it to run down?
35:20 [Such] a sigh is a bitterness accepted [of God], And [such] a cry reaches to the clouds.
35:21 The cry of the poor passes through the clouds, And until it reaches [God] it does not rest; It will not cease until God visits,
35:22 And the righteous Judge executes judgement. Yes, the Lord will not tarry, And the Mighty One will not refrain himself, Until he smites the loins of the merciless,
35:23 And repays vengeance on the arrogant; Until he takes away the sceptre of pride, And wholly destroys the staff of wickedness;
35:24 Until he renders to a man [according to] his deed, And recompenses him [according to] his thought;
35:25 Until he pleads the cause of his people, And makes them glad with his salvation.
35:26 Mercy is fitting in the time of their affliction, As rain in the time of drought.

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