Sirach, Chapter 36

36:1 Save us, O God of all,
36:2 And cast your fear upon all the nations.
36:3 Shake your hand against the strange people, That they may see your power.
36:4 As you have sanctified yourself in us before their eyes, So sanctify yourself in them before our eyes;
36:5 That they may know, even as we know, That there is no other God but you.
36:6 Renew the signs, and repeat the wonders, Make glorious your hand and your right arm.
36:7 Awaken wrath, and pour out indignation, Subdue the foe, and drive out the enemy.
36:8 Hasten the end, and ordain the appointed time, For who may say to you:? What are you doing??
36:9 Let him who escapes be devoured in raging fire, And may those who wrong your people find destruction.
36:10 Bring to nothing the head of the princes of Moab, Who says, "There is none beside me."
36:11 Gather all the tribes of Jacob, That they may receive their inheritance, as in days of old.
36:12 Have mercy upon the people called by your name, Israel whom you surnamed Firstborn.
36:13 Have mercy upon your holy city, Jerusalem, the place of your dwelling.
36:14 Fill Zion with your majesty, And your temple with your glory.
36:15 Give testimony to the first of your works, And establish the vision spoken in your name.
36:16 Give the reward to those who wait for you, That your prophets may be shown to be faithful.
36:17 Hear the prayer of your servants, According to your favor towards your people. That all the ends of the earth may know That you are the Eternal God.
36:18 The throat eats every meat, Yet one meat is better than another.
36:19 The palate tastes the dainties that are bestowed, And the discerning heart the dainties of falsehood.
36:20 A deceitful heart causes sorrow, But a man of experience turns it back upon him.
36:21 A woman will receive any man, But one daughter is better than another daughter.
36:22 The beauty of a woman makes the countenance bright, And excels every delight of the eye.
36:23 And moreover, if there is in her a gentle tongue, Her husband is not from among the sons of men.
36:24 He who acquires a wife has the highest possession, A help meet for him, and a pillar of support.
36:25 Without a hedge a vineyard is laid waste, And without a wife [a man is] a wanderer and homeless.
36:26 Who trusts an armed band That rushes from city to city? So is the man who has no rest, Who rests [where he can] when evening falls.

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