Sirach, Chapter 8

8:1 Do not strive with a great man. Why should you fall into his hand?
8:2 Do not plow against a wealthy man, Or else your price will be weighed. For gold has made many reckless; And wealth will lead astray the hearts of the nobles.
8:3 Do not fight with a man of tongue; And you will not put wood on a fire.
8:4 Do not walk along with a foolish man; Or else he will despise your words.
8:5 Do not shame a man who turns from transgression; Remember that all of us are guilty.
8:6 Do not humiliate an aged [common] man; For we will be numbered among those who grow old.
8:7 Do not boast yourself over him who gave up the ghost; Remember all of us will be taken away.
8:8 Do not forsake the talk of the wise; But even try to figure out their riddles. Because from this you will receive instruction To stand before princes.
8:9 Do not despise what you hear among the gray-headed Which they have heard from their fathers. Because from this you will receive understanding To return an answer in the time you need it.
8:10 Do not kindle with the coal of the wicked; Or else you will be burned with the flame of his fire.
8:11 Do not move away from before the scoffer To set him as an ambusher before you.
8:12 Do not lend to a man stronger than you; And if you lend, [you are] as one who wastes.
8:13 Do not become surety for more than you have left; And if you become surety, [you are] as one who repays.
8:14 Do not enter into judgment against a judge; For he will judge according to his will.
8:15 Do not walk with one who is cruel; Or else you will be made heavy with your evil. For he will go straight before his face; And you will be consumed in his folly.
8:16 Do not harden your forehead with one who is given to anger; And do not ride with him in the way. For blood is as nothing in his eyes; And where there is none to deliver, he will destroy you.
8:17 Do not reveal yourself with one who is silly; For he will not be able to hide your secret.
8:18 Do no secret thing before a stranger; For you do not know to what end he will bring it.
8:19 Do not reveal your heart to all flesh; And you will not drive away the good from you.

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