Sirach, Chapter 9

9:1 Do not be jealous of the wife of your bosom; Or else you will teach evil concerning yourself.
9:2 Do not be zealous to give your soul to a woman; So that you cause her to walk on your high places.
9:3 Do not come near to a strange woman; Or else you will fall into her snares.
9:4 Do not sleep with a female musician; Or else distracting admiration will burn you.
9:5 Do not think about a virgin; Or else you will be snared by her fines.
9:6 Do not give your soul to a prostitute; Or else you will turn away your inheritance.
9:7 Your eyes will make a fool of yourself in a vision; And you will be made desolate behind her house.
9:8 Hide your eye from a graceful woman; And do not look at beauty that is not yours. On account of a woman many have been destroyed; And so she will burn her lovers with fire.
9:9 Do not taste with her husband; And do not turn away with him drinking. Or else you will incline your heart to her; And your blood will incline to destruction.
9:10 Do not forsake an old friend; For a new one is not acquainted with you. New wine [is like a] new friend; And after it is old, then you will drink it.
9:11 Do not be jealous of a wicked man; For you do not know what his day [will be].
9:12 Do not be jealous of a proud man who prospers; Remember that at the time of death he will not go unpunished.
9:13 Be far from a man who has the authority to kill; And you will not fear the dread of death. And if you have come near, do not be guilty; Or else he will take your breath. Know that you will be marching among snares; And you will be walking on nets.
9:14 According to your ability, answer your fellow man; But with those who are wise, reveal yourself.
9:15 Let what you think be with him who has understanding; And [let] all that is your secret [be] among them.
9:16 Share your bread with righteous men; And let your glory be in the fear of God.
9:17 The wise of hands controls his work; And a ruler [who controls] his people is wise.
9:18 Rash talk is feared on account of a man of tongue; And the burden on his mouth will be hated.

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